Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thanks Hannah for giving me this award! I admit, I hardly feel I deserve it with how bad of a blogger I have been lately. Fortunately this is something I can do quickly without having to worry about pictures!

Here is how this thing works: 1st I have to answer a little questionnaire, which is all about me (Sorry!!) Then, I have to choose 7 bloggers who I feel are BRILLIANT and I give them the award. They will post their own answers to the questionnaire on their own blog and they will choose 7 more recipients. And so on!

A. Attached or single?

B. Best friend?
My husband Filipe. He is my favorite!

C. Cake or pie?
This is a tough one. I probably love pie more, but whenever I am on a diet (like now) I always crave a good cake. I guess right now I will say cake

D. Day of choice?
Saturday. I love having my little family all home together with nothing to do but play all day!

E. Essential item?
I think I am going to have to go with a book, though there are times I force myself not to have one so that I can manage to get something in my life done.

F. Favorite color?

G. Gummy bears or worms?
Gummy worms, though all things gummy make my teeth hurt

H. Hometown?
Currently... somewhere in Oklahoma. But I was born in Phoenix and Lisbon is the hometown of my heart.

I. Indulgence?
An occasional coke. I typically only drink water and think soft drinks are bad, but sometimes an ice cold coke just sounds wonderful.

J. January or July?
January! I detest the heat and love the cold!

K. Kids?
One precious little girl who has me wrapped around her little finger.

L. Life isn’t complete without?
God and my family

M. Marriage date?
11/11/2000. I can't believe it has almost been 8 years!!!

N. Number of brothers & sisters?
Two younger bros

O. Oranges or apples?
Oranges, even though they make my mouth itch

P. Phobias?
Spiders. I hate spiders and always make my husband kill them. Actually I guess that applies to all bugs.

Q. Quotes?
I don't really have any personal quotes, though I do tend to laugh at my sis-in-law, Tara's, quotes a lot. Her most recent is "Put it on my tab" from Steve Carrell in Dan in real life. She does the voice when she says it and I laugh every time. You would have to hear it, but trust me, it's funny.

R. Reasons to smile?
I have so many! My husband and daughter! My family. The many ways God has blessed me!

S. Season of choice?
The Fall! I love the crisp cold air, the changing leaves and the excitement of the holidays to come!

T. Tag seven peeps! (see below)

U. Unknown fact about me?
This is hard, because I feel like there isn't much people don't know about me. I have crazy toes. I can pick things up with them, thread them together like when you are holding hands "going out" style. Normally they are all spaced out. I can't make them all scrunch together. I hope that makes sense.

V. Vegetable?
I don't really know. I like all vegetables, though I am really bad about eating as many as I should.

W. Worst habits?
I am kind of pushy when it comes to backseat driving. I drive my husband crazy, but I am working on it. I never close things (ex. drawers, cupboards), I tend to get defensive easily. Ok, these aren't the worst ones, but I can go on if you wish.

X. X-ray or ultrasound?
I am really pretty neutral about this one. Ultrasounds I guess, because they are typically for more exciting reasons.

Y. Your favorite food?
This is hard because I am on a diet so everything sounds good. I guess good spaghetti bolognese (spaghetti and meat sauce), though I am really picky about it. I don't like it made with sausage. I am also a sucker for desserts.

Z. Zodiac sign?
This is debatable because my birthday lands right on the line, so ocassionally I will be something else, but usually Gemini.

I tag:
Krystal and

Also, I will post pics and info from our Washington DC trip soon! We have had a ton of family in town, but I'll do it soon, I promise!