Friday, April 10, 2009

A special day

Two years ago today we got to see this precious face for the first time. We had already gone through a lot of pain in our adoption process, and seeing this little girl for the first time brought us so much hope.

One year ago today we found out that we were finally out of PGN (one of the last, long, BIG hurdles to bringing Shiloh home). I can still feel the relief and flood of emotions when I remember back to it. It was probably one of my best days ever.

Needless to say, April 10th holds a special place in my heart! It amazes me that it was only a year ago that we were going through all of this! God has so fully healed our hearts and made us into a family that sometimes it is hard to remember the pain and the waiting, almost like I am living another life. Shiloh is so completely a part of us that it is hard to remember a time when she wasn't here.

I am so blessed and thankful that I get to see this beautiful, smiling face everyday! God has truly blessed our lives!