Friday, May 29, 2009

New man in my life

So this week we had our first official ultrasound and we found out that we are having a... BOY!!!
Here is his little profile. He is puckering his lips like he's giving a kiss. So cute!

Filipe has been certain through the whole pregnancy that it was a boy. It's going to be a fun new adventure since Shiloh is such a girly girl! Mostly I am excited to finally be able to buy some things for this little guy, just in time for Boston! H&M here I come!
We are still working on the name, although we are getting a little closer. It is so much easier to focus now that we only have to come up with one name instead of two theoretical names.
We leave for Boston in the morning (at 5 am!)! Pray for a good trip!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1 year ago....

A year ago we were visiting Shiloh,
our long awaited girl,
for the second time,
but this time...
to be with her forever.

It was a moment to remember,
knowing that the waiting was over,
that she would never be far,
but in our arms forever;
and knowing that that now
we would have all the time in the world
to be with her,
to know her,
and to love her.

Today, 1 year later,
there are so many memories,
and the bond between the 3 of us is so big,
that its hard to believe
that its only been 1 year.
I am so in love with this little girl!

and all I can say is
God is so good!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Spring is in the air! Here that means that one day it will be roasting and the next day wet and cold, but we have managed to sneak in some outdoor play time. Shiloh is growing like a weed. She is so much fun right now! I am so smitten with her! Her imagination is really growing and it is so cute to see her play "house" with her baby and stuffed animals. Her favorite thing to do right now is rock all of her animals to sleep while singing to them and then she lays them all down to go "night night" in a row across the floor. She LOVES playing outside and loves rocks, birds, trees, clouds and the sky. It is so cute to see her in awe of these things that are so easy for me to take for granted sometimes.

The pregnancy is going well. I am 17 weeks along now. I never had to deal with morning sickness, thank goodness, though I am still waiting for some of that energy to come back, like everyone says it does in the second trimester. We will hopefully be finding out if it is a boy or a girl in the next few weeks! We still don't have a name, but at this point we have kind of given up until we know the sex. It was so much easier with Shiloh, knowing we only had to come up with a girl name!

We are headed to Boston at the end of the month to see my brother graduate from Harvard! We are looking forward to getting some time off and having some fun! If anyone has any recomendations of things to see in Boston, let me know!