Monday, July 21, 2008

Photo shoot

Sunday we had a photo shoot with my friend Megan. She is starting up her own photography business and was kind enough to give up two hours of her Sunday to go outside in the 100 degree heat to take pictures of Filipe, Shiloh (a very uncooperative 16 month old) and I. Here are a few of our first glimpses:

Thanks Megan! Can't wait to see the rest! Wednesday we are headed to Washington DC until Sunday. Filipe has to go there on business, and it just so happens that my brother is there for an internship, so we decided to make it into a vacation! I am getting pretty excited! It will be fun to take our new little American to the nation's capitol. Unfortunately, on the way home I will be coming back solo because Filipe has another stop on his business trip. I am kind of worried about flying half way around the country with Shiloh by myself. I just keep telling myself that even if it is horrible, it is still temporary and eventually we will be home and it will be over, but it would be really nice if she could just take a little nap for the flight! I'll let you all know how it goes.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So today I decided to make some bread for the first time since Shiloh came home. I thought it would be fun to involve her in the process, so when I was adding the flour I put some on her highchair tray. She seemed to like playing with it, but mostly she just ate it - yumm. Then I added some water to one of the side compartments and showed her how she could "draw" in the flour with the water. She was pretty excited about that for a minute, and then again moved to eating it - again, yummy. While I was kneeding and shaping the dough, I gave her her own little blob which she promptly ate, of course. In the end this is what she looked like:

She was caked head to toe in flour crust. Even after cleaning her up I am still finding it in her hair.

In the end, the bread turned out great. Gotta love the smell of fresh baking bread! Shiloh seemed to think it was a success.

My grandma came to town this past weekend to meet Shiloh and Malak. She is the cutest ever! It was so fun being with her and so special to see her playing with Shiloh! I love you grandma!