Thursday, December 18, 2008

Brother/sister photo shoot

My mom and dad have this big frame for multiple pictures that has been sitting in their room for a while, empty. They had been wanting to put pictures of their kids in it, so me and my brothers decided to get all of us together for a photo shoot. Filipe and I had just bought a remote for our camera so we all trecked out to the park by our house for our own personal photo shoot. Afterwards, I tweaked them with photoshop (a program I could play on for hours). My parents LOVED them, and I am pretty proud of them myself.

We also took a little trip to see Santa yesterday. I'll post the pictures soon, but i have to scan them and wasn't really feeling motivated.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Picture Post!

By popular demand, I am doing a picture post. These are all really random, but we take so many pictures that it is hard to keep up sometimes.

This is one of my favorite outfits she had for fall!

Just lounging with her cousin and the bunny they fight over constantly (I really don't get why).

Her hair is getting so long! This is her first ponytail!

These are from Thanksgiving. I was taking a nap and she decided to join me.


Playing with ShaSha's glasses.

The best little gifts under the tree.

Shiloh is growing so fast! She is so much fun to be with these days! She has gotten really happy and affectionate! When I'm not in the room with her, she wanders around the house calling "Mama!" It is so sweet to my ears because it took her a while to start saying it. She loves all the christmas lights everywhere and she LOVES stuffed animals. She is jabbering all the time, but some of her words are starting to come a little clearer. Mostly we are just having fun together. I am so excited for this holiday season with her!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Cute baby contest!

My nephew Malak is in a cutest baby contest to win a $500 shopping spree and he is one of the finalists!!!! It is down to just him and one other baby! He is way cuter than the other kid, in my opinion, so please go vote for him if you can! It's super easy, just click here.

Thanks! I'll post another blog later with some pics of Shiloh.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight lover

I am going to see this movie tomorrow night!!! I am really excited! I LOVED the books and better yet we have turned it into a girls night out, so I'm going with six other friends while the kiddos stay at home with the husbands! My expectations aren't very high for the move. I know it is impossible to make it like the book, but I am just looking forward to a light, fun chick flick I can smile and sigh at. I can't wait!

Also, this is one of my new favorite blogs! I posted about her store the last time, but I could (and have) spend hours looking at all the different outfits she makes! It has actually inspired me to pull out my sewing machine and make a few things myself. In fact I am in the middle of a jacket kind of similar to what she is giving away. Downtown Holiday Jacket and Pant GIVEAWAY!!!! I'll post pics if I ever get it done in the middle of all my other Christmas projects!

Only five days until Thanksgiving!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Super cute skirts

I noticed these skirts on another blog and thought they were so cute! One of the greatest things about them is that they are reversable, so if your child gets something on it while you are out, you just flip it around, plus it is two skirts for one price. The shirts are reversable too, so they are double lined and super warm, which would be useful if it will ever get cold around here. Where is my brisk fall weather!?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shiloh's "first" Halloween

I know technically this wasn't Shiloh's first Halloween, but somehow, it just feels like it. I wasn't sure what to dress her up as this year and I felt silly spending a bunch of money on a costume that at the time I wasn't even sure where she would wear it. My sis in law and I decided to go to the fabric store and spend $5 on felt and make whatever we could with it. The costume turned out amazing, and I think she will have many a felt costumes in the future!

Getting into character by doing a little rain dance.

She was having so much fun running around, she wasn't real thrilled about being picked up to take a picture.

We went to Filipe's office for a party and they had trick or treating - passing out candy at all the cubicles. Shiloh wasn't really sure what to do at first. First, when someone would give her a candy she would put it back in the bowl. Next she would give it to her cousin, Jenna. When she finally figured the whole thing out she was a girl on a mission, grabbing multiple candies from each bowl to put in her bag.

And here is a picture of her real first halloween. Don't you want to pinch those cheeks!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Fun!

Ok, I hope you guys are ready for a lot of pictures! Sunday we went out to my parents house with E,T and M to take some fall pics with the kids before it got too cold.

Not having fun.

Model pose.

This was one of the last pictures. Eric was doing something and Malak was absolutely cracking up. Too cute!

After that we all met up with A,K,J & E to go to the pumpkin patch. We went to a different one than last year, and we loved it! It was so cute! Shiloh loved seeing all the different farm animals and playing outside! She is an outdoor girl!

Afterwards we went back to my parents house to eat chilli and pumpkin pie! It was the perfect, relaxing fall evening!